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    GOOGLE AdWords - FACEBOOK Ads - LINKEDIN Ads Training

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    Class Overview

    I provide affordable in-person and online, individual and group training for entrepreneurs, employees or business owners to help them learn how to set up and manage successful and cost efficient Google Ads (AdWords), Facebook Ads or LinkedIn Ads campaigns. I am a Certified Google Partner.

    You will learn:
    - how to conduct the initial Google keyword research
    - plan and prepare efficient Search and Display Ad campaigns
    - create landing pages, optimized for conversions and lead generation
    - prepare text and banner ads that will maximize your clicks, minimize your cost per click and bring you leads / sales

    Contact me for more information by replying to this Ad.

    Any age

    English, Russian

    A laptop


    What will each lesson cover?

    The topics of each lesson will depend on your business / learning goals and we will customize each lesson accordingly.

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