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    The Joys of Technical Writing

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    Class Overview

    I have more than 20 years working as a technical writer for, among many others:

    - Autodesk Media and Entertainment
    - Element AI (Artifical Intelligence)
    - Moment Factory (Who did the Superbowl show for Madonna among other high profile gigs)
    - Genetec (who secure the White House, the Paris and Dubai airports, etc)

    I will teach you all I know from soup to nuts, including how to write software documentation, the tools to use, how to get jobs in Montreal, Canada, and throughout the world, and much more.

    20 Years old and above


    Windows, Mac, or Linux computer. Ability to install new software on it. Zoom. A small budget to buy required tools - not more than $50.00 per month.


    What is technical writing?

    Technical writing is a sort of structured writing used mostly by software development companies and engineering firms like Bombardier. The formalities were mostly formalized around highly technical instructions sets like those having to do with aviation. Today, most top software companies, around Montreal, including video game company Ubisoft, live event multimedia company Moment Factory, Game Engine companies like Unity and Epic, all rely on technical writers to counterbalance the narrow view that software engineers must take as applications are developped. Outputs that technical writers create include user guides, for example as PDFs and ebooks, online helps systems (what you get when clicking Help), tutotorial videos like those seen on Youtube for myriad products, etc etc.

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