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    Acandemics grade 12 mechanical technology fitting and machin

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    Class Overview

    I will be teaching grade 12 mechanicak technology fitting and machining from safety to systems and control. Seeing many learners having a challenge with that subject hence i created my own class to help those learners that feel like they don't perform good in it and also help them master it . It has a lot of opportunities after matric and opens many fields for you in the engineering world with can make you successful in no time.This is a good subjects and thats why i have a desire to see many learners being able to obtain more and more marks on that subject. The matric 2022 class needs to be prepared early and that is why the classes needs to start this year so that the academic year of 2022 will start with my learners being advanced on this subject.

    Any age

    English only

    You need to be going to do Mechanical technology fitting and machining in 2022 grade 12


    Curriculum for this class

    Fitting and machining grade 12

    I will be teaching and helping learners to get that A+ in fitting and machining


    Why is systems and control so complex

    You only need to know the basics about that chapter and then attend my class ,at the end you will master it

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