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    Experienced and Professional tutor for over 20 years

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    Class Overview

    I have been working with students from elementary school for a very long time, teaching kids subjects such as Art, Reading, Writing, elementary Math, Science, English. I specialize in Math, Reading and Science. A lot of my former and present students have been attending private or public schools, or have been homeschooled. We practice together exercises, homework, school assignments, test preparations, quizzes and everything that requires a special attention. I use different formats and materials in order to make the lessons more desirable and fun for the little kids, to grab their attention, to make them love school subjects. I play games with them and use interesting approaches and the lessons are real joy. I have been an elementary tutor for over 20 years and have the qualifications needed. I hold two teaching certifications for elementary education from the United States and Europe and have worked with multiple schools and companies! I love children and believe I will help!

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    English, Bulgarian

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