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    All about Mathematics

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    Class Overview

    I do not learn maths, I enjoy it and I'll make sure that the person I am teaching enjoys it too!!!!
    I may be a new comer in this field but I can bet to be better than others because I know how a student wants to be taught because I am a student only.

    10 Years old and above

    English Hindi

    I would love to interact with them, so firstly good network and video should be on along with a good mic

    A register and a pen

    Curriculum for this class


    Algebra forms the base of maths for a lot of further classes and i will be revising it.

    Just to clear out all the blues and doubts related to this topic


    What are constants and variables?

    Constant- Anything which has a fixed value, for eg. you have 2 cars where 2 is a fixed no. no one can say they may have 4 or 5 beacause no.2 is fixed, while if i say she has x no. of cars then x can be anything.

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