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    Mobile Swim Lessons with Mermaid Danielle

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    Class Overview

    Did you know that when Mermaid Danielle is not flipping her fins, she is grows a pair of legs to teach kids and adults how to swim! Gotta prepare the next generation of merfolk.

    If you are in the Greater Vancouver Area, and are looking for private swim lessons, look no further!

    The best part is, I travel to you! All you need to provide is the swimming pool, whether in the back yard, condo, or other space. I bring everything else needed for the lesson.

    Mermaid Danielle is an accredited swim instructor, with over 15 years experience. She has worked in pools throughout Canada and Australia, with a variety of ages, abilities and ambitions. Whether you are looking for Self Safety and Water Knowledge, or training for your next race, Mermaid Danielle will work with you and your swimmers to get to, and beyond the goals we create.

    Danielle is trained and certified in many areas of swimming for children with disabilities. Her passion is to work with children of every ability and find the best way to give each of them the opportunity to be a swimmer. She has worked with children who have ADHD, Autism, ADD, Cerebral Palsy, Neurofibromatosis, Amputees, and more.

    Every fish in the ocean swims in their own way, and Danielle will find the best way to get your guppies in the pool and enjoying all that the water has to offer!

    Private Lessons
    1 hour $75
    10x 1 hour $700
    5x 1 hr Monday-Friday Intensive $325

    Any age


    readiness for a good time!

    Curriculum for this class

    Learn to Swim: Infants w/ parents (4mths-24mnths)

    Infants (with Parents) - Entries and Exits - Water Safety - Floating, Surface Movement - Underwater Movement - Self Rescue - Games and Fun!

    Learn to Swim Toddlers, Children, Adults (2yrs+)

    - Entries and Exits - Water Safety - Floating and Gliding - Front Swim - Front/ Back Crawl - Breast/ Survival Stroke - Self Rescue - Games and Fun!

    Stroke Improvement/ Competitive Skills/ Swim Practice

    - Front/ Back Crawl Technique - Breast Stroke Technique - Butterfly Intro and Technique - Flip Turns - Starts/ Finish - Timed Swims - Speed and Endurance build up - Video Feedback

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