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    1-on-1 Muay Thai (Thai Boxing) Pad Work Sessions

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    Class Overview

    You can find me on instagram to see the session in action @athena_muay_thai

    Utilize punches, kicks, elbows and knees with correct technique (often missed in group fitness classes) for a full body workout, all while having fun at the same time!

    The session will be structured as follows;
    - Warm up (10min)
    - Stretch (5min)
    - Thai pad work technique (40min)
    - Thai pad work burnout (5min)
    - Strength & conditioning (3min)
    - Stretch & cool down (2min)


    I have over 10 years of experience training, competing and coaching Muay Thai. I am an easy-going, approachable guy and I understand that your safety is a priority.


    We will practice social distancing as much as possible and if you feel more comfortable wearing a face mask that is no problem. All training equipment is fully sanitized before and after each session and hand sanitizer is provided. I would advise that you bring your own boxing gloves but I can provide a pair if needed.

    What to bring;

    - Water
    - Towel
    - Boxing gloves (I have spare if you don't have any)
    - Hand wraps (optional)
    - Face mask (optional)


    Paid via e-transfer or cash after the session.

    First session: $40 CAD (20% Discount)
    Single session: $50 CAD
    5 session block: $225 (10% discount/ $45 per session)
    10 session block: $400 (20% Discount/ $40 per session)


    As all gyms are currently closed the sessions are held outdoors. Locations I have been using in the city Include; Canoe Landing, UoT sports fields, Coronation park, Marilyn Bell Park, Queens park, Allen gardens, Dufferin Grove Park, Trinity Bellwood’s, Rosedale Park, Bickford Park. I am also flexible to meet at a park of your choice in the City or at your home.


    To book a time slot or if you have any questions, drop me a message on here or reach out to me via instagram @athena_muay_thai

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