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    Learn Japanese with Misa

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    Class Overview

    Konnichiwa! My name is Misa from Yokohama Japan. I've been living in Canada for 1 year and a half, now I'm studying at Douglas colleague. I have some experience teaching Japanese in Japan to my friends and it is my amazing memory! So I'd like to do it again Vancouver!

    I am a very open mind and friendly 21 years old woman. I was learning English as a second language, so I can tell learning new languages are super fun and make your world wider! But sometimes it is tough to learn that language without native speakers' help especially here.

    Before, I was helping students who were learning Japanese at language school. After their school, we met at the cafe and helped with their homework and casual conversation.

    Due to the situation, we need to talk about what is the best way for us to do the session. I'm offering online session too:)

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