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    Cello Lessons for all ages and levels

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    Class Overview

    What you can expect…
    My goal as a teacher is to guide you through the foundations of playing, offer effective practice tips and routines, and consistently inspire you to grow as a cellist and an artist!

    My Values
    Excellence: I’ll keep you accountable and provide a structured practice routine that is sustainable and effective! I’ll push you to your potential but never push you to quit. With experience motivating students to practice at age 5 or age 50, I have all the tools needed to help you improve week by week.

    Adaptability: lessons are structured to your individual needs, not simply following one particular method. Want to learn how to produce an amazing sound? No idea how to read music? I’ve got you. I have experience with students of all learning styles, ages and abilities and fit my teaching approach to YOU, not the other way around.

    Communication: if you’re looking for a judgement-free teacher, look no further. I keep communication open with my students and offer support outside the lesson. My rates are negotiable if you’re on a strict budget and I always accept your feedback. Want to learn something that we haven’t covered yet? Just shoot me a text and we’ll work on it!

    What you will actually learn:
    Technique: build your foundation and learn how to physically produce sound on the cello sustainably! I will provide scales, studies and technical exercises to boost your practice every week.

    Repertoire: learn pieces chosen for your level, create goals for what you’ve always wanted to perform (Bach Cello Suites, anyone?).

    Theory: learn how to read music in addition to understanding rhythm, dynamics, and phrasing in order to better understand the foundation of music.

    Musicality: my favourite thing about teaching cello is inspiring my students to find their own voice through music. In every lesson we’ll explore musical interpretation and how to bring this out in your playing in way that is true to you!

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