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    Catered and Designed Plans For Fitness Your Need

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    Class Overview

    What Will I Get out of Training?

    Through our training, we will help you build:
    - Foundational Knowledge
    - Confidence in a Gym Environment
    - Proper Form/Strategy
    - A Large Variety of Exercises to Keep Things Interesting.
    - Build Muscle, Lose Fat
    - Learn About Proper Nutrition
    - Coaching advice in & outside of the gym.

    How Do I Get Started?

    Each client will receive a catered plan to suit their goals. Whether you are looking to lose fat, gain muscle, or build overall endurance, it will include:

    - Free consultation call to discuss your goals/expectations.
    - (1hr) 1-on-1 sessions (charged by the hour tax inclusive)
    - Basic Nutrition Plan/Guidance.
    - By-weekly Weigh-ins, & Diet Check-ins
    - To get started, reach out to Dan via email, phone, or text to set up your consultation

    We look forward to building a stronger, healthier you!

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