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    Build Your Own Cocktail

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    Class Overview

    We've taken our popular cocktail classes online! Sign up for a private virtual cocktail class where you get one full hour with our award winning Salty Paloma instructors to teach how to make various cocktails with the booze collection you have at home!

    Elevate your cocktail knowledge and we'll shake up to 3 delicious cocktails you can recreate at home. Choose from a wide array of recipes created by the award-winning cocktail queen, Evelyn Chick - certified beverage expert .

    Once you complete your purchase, please get in contact with [email protected] directly to book your desired time. We will follow up with a private Zoom meeting link with passcode. This ticket is priced PER SCREEN. A minimum of 6 screens is required in order to conduct a class. Customize cocktail kits available upon request at an additional cost.

    - your favourite spirit(s)
    - flavoured liqueurs
    - fresh citrus (lemon, lime, grapefruit, orange)
    - aromatic bitters (angostura)
    - syrup (sugar, water, agave, honey, maple)
    - fresh herbs (mint, basil, rosemary)
    - sugar
    - salt
    - hot water
    - lots of ICE

    - measuring jigger ( or spoon)
    - shaker tin ( or mason jar)
    - bar spoon (or chopsticks)
    - choice of glassware

    - fruit juice (cranberry, mango, pineapple)
    - egg whites (can of chickpea juice *vegan*)

    20 Years old and above

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    Patty Hearn
    Patty Hearn
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    Evelyn has been a friend and a master at cocktail treats for as long as we have known her. She is talented, fun, and creative! Can hardly wait to share this journey!

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