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    Private Online Coding Class - Beginners Scratch

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    Class Overview

    The perfect introduction to computer science!

    Scratch is a block-based language (no typing) primarily for beginners. This workshop introduces students to the world of coding by keeping things interactive, visual, and fun while providing a few small challenges!

    Target age range: 7+
    Prerequisites: None
    Continuation: Advanced Scratch or Music x Scratch

    Concepts Covered:
    - Game design & animations
    - Making and drawing sprites
    - Sprite actions (movement, sound, appearances, cloning)
    - Interactions between sprites
    - Working with backgrounds, visuals, etc.
    - Loops
    - Conditional statements (if-statements)
    - Variables
    - Timers
    - Math and logic operators (<, >, ==, and, or)
    - Parts of the computer

    Projects You’ll Make:
    - An interactive cat
    - An ocean simulator with sea creatures
    - Pong game
    - Advertisement, short video, and/or animations
    - Hoppy Cat game
    - A Pokémon game

    Each workshop contains 5 sessions. Sessions can be booked consecutive days in a row (ie. Monday-Friday), recurring once a week (ie. every Friday afternoon), or one at a time at your convenience. We understand how busy schedules can get and offer the flexibility of scheduling your individual sessions based on your availability.

    To register, please head over to our website:

    5 Years old and above


    Students will require the following: - a laptop or computer - a working microphone and camera on the computer/laptop - stable internet connection

    Curriculum for this class

    Beginner Scratch - Week 1

    Beginner Scratch - Week 2

    Beginner Scratch - Week 3

    Beginner Scratch - Week 4

    Beginner Scratch - Week 5

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    Maria Taylor
    Maria Taylor
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    My son had an enjoyable and successful introductory session and is interested in learning more about coding. The one-on-one teaching method suits him. Kriti was accommodating and patiently answered his questions. I would give the foundation five stars!

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