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    Launch your own fashion line

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    Class Overview

    Like rocket fuel for your fashion line, this seven week course with renowned fashion entrepreneur Liza Deyrmenjian will teach you everything you need to know to launch your business, from sourcing fabrics right through to planning your trade show.

    Duration: 6 weeks (once a week, same day and time for duration)
    Class Size: 12 students (maximum)
    Your Teacher: Liza Deyrmenjian
    Classes Start: Monthly

    You'll Learn :
    - The linear process of starting a fashion line
    - What you need to go from idea to prototype (specs/flats)
    - Costing, budgeting and cash flow
    - Sourcing
    - About licensing, trademarks, patents, incorporating, etc.
    - The importance of trade shows
    - How to find manufacturers, sewers and contractors
    - About margins, mark-ups and overheads
    - How selling to stores really works
    - About sales strategy: wholesale, direct to consumer, retail
    - Why wholesale doesn’t make your retail price
    - How to prepare calendars for production and cash flow
    - How and where to find funding
    - All things marketing (PR, social media, SEO, web)

    This class is perfect for beginners. No prior experience is required
    Classes of two or fewer students are considered private classes. In this instance, you’ll complete all assignments as listed but in six, not seven weeks
    You’ll receive an official certificate from The Cut upon completion of the course
    We encourage you to repeat this course for ongoing business assistance and support

    for more information:

    10 Years old and above


    Please arrive to class on time If you’re going to miss class for any reason, please email in advance to let us know. If you fail to report your absence within 24 hours, your class will be considered a missed session and no make up class will be provided.

    Curriculum for this class

    Create your own fashion line - Week 1

    You’ll present to class to shlow you have a thorough understanding of Mood boards, techs, cash flow, sales strategy, branding, profit and loss, How much money you’ll need to launch your line

    Create your own fashion line - Week 2

    Create your own fashion line - Week 3

    Create your own fashion line - Week 4

    Create your own fashion line - Week 5

    Create your own fashion line - Week 6

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