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    Mathematics and Physics

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    Class Overview

    My goal is to provide effective lessons that would improve students' grades and test scores such as (SAT, ACT, and AP) along with initiating students' passion for STEM. I have demonstrated a deep understanding of math and physics concepts throughout my high school career. I have been attending Roanoke Valley Governor's School for Science and Technology (RVGS) since 10th grade, and currently, I am a high school senior. I have earned straight A's in my math and science classes. I also got perfect scores on the Math section of the SAT (800) and AP Calculus BC (5). I have tutored my classmates and friends in STEM subjects they are struggling with since my freshman year. I provided explanations for complex ideas and concepts. Usually, in my explanation, I relate the topics to real-life examples and prove approaches and hypotheses using basic knowledge that my classmates and friends already have. Understanding complex academic concepts and being able to explain them is a great talent I have, and I love for everyone to benefit from it.

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