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    Chemistry, Physics, Math, and Biology Help

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    Class Overview

    This is not a class. It instead is an online session that allows you to get the tutoring you need for a fraction of the cost of companies that overcharge and underdeliver (e.g., Varsity Tutors, etc.) I tutor 1 on 1 and am happy to help at a last minute notice. Please contact me if you have any questions and we'll get you taken care of. I have four years of experience tutoring and am happy to help!

    Any age


    Be prepared, be awake, and have an open mind.

    Your material you're struggling with

    Curriculum for this class

    Physics, math, chemistry, biology, etc.

    Book the session or contact me first and we'll discuss the subjects you're struggling with. I would also suggest the you send the material you're struggling with to me ahead of time. I don't charge you if we can't figure it out together. It's that simple.

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