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    Computer Networking

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    Class Overview

    Hello my name is Mohammed Atiq Nawaz I am a lecturer currently working in a reputable IT campus in Sri Lanka . Currently the modules that I teach are Networking ,Cloud Computing , Security , Network Security , Emerging Technologies and conduct assignment guidance session as well . Further i also do simulation software as well in packet tracer and GNS3 as well , I Further also teach programming as well such as C# language as well using visual studios . I have a BENG (computer Networking ) with a 1st class and have done vendor exams as well CCNA and currently sitting for my MSC in information security and networking

    Any age


    anyone who has a keen interest in the field of networking and passion to learn are welcome

    Installation of packet tracer in your laptops to do networking and security practical's

    Curriculum for this class


    Defining of Networking ,how it works

    Network Protocols and how each protocol functoons

    Practical and coding

    Troubleshooting Networks

    Security of network

    Security Protocols

    Practical session on security concepts

    studying different forms of security attack and how to overcome it


    Types of attacks

    Solutions to the types of attack

    Types of Security encryption and Hashing ,Encryption

    Symmetric and Asymmetric Encryption and how they work

    what is PKI and how it functions (Public Key Infrastructure

    Types of Security protocol along with there purposes

    Practical session on security using packet tracer or gns3

    what is VPN and how does it work

    Definition and explanation of the 3 Principles in Security CIA

    Assignment Guidance

    Teaching on how to structure your assignment properly

    how to do proper citation

    Proper referencing

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