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    algebra 5 unit

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    Class Overview

    Hi my name is Mark Engineer, I am interested in delivering a math class to all levels ages 12-18, I have extensive experience studying as part of scholarships, private lessons and more.
    I believe that with patience and perseverance one can improve dramatically.
    You can contact me for consultation and guidance

    Finally, here are 5 tips from me for all students:

    Do not get too excited - it's true numbers, it's true there are equations, it's true that there are things that seem closer to us in Chinese than in math, but if we get excited about it we just stare at our anxiety. The solution is not to get excited. Read things slowly and then start framing the data, start looking at things in a simpler way.

    Work neatly - once we divide the data and things into smaller parts, once we work like a robot, without thinking too rationally, it will be easier for us. It's not always simple, but it's absolutely necessary for solving math problems.

    Practice non-stop - Math is practice, every problem, every question, every exercise needs to be practiced endlessly. Once we practice a lot, we will understand the principle, and then we will be able to solve the questions during the test, as we solved the exercises at home or in class. It is advisable while we are practicing, to take one good example, that is, to find examples for each type of question and memorize them. So during a test, we can recall the same example and use it.

    Back to the roots and the foundation - in other words, mathematics is any layer built on a layer, a material based on an existing material. Want to solve a question? Remember that the answer is based on existing material you have already learned. It is therefore important to know the material over time.

    Believe in yourself - in the end, it is impossible to succeed without believing in ourselves, do not be tempted to think that you can not, it is too easy, believe in yourself and you will see that you can solve any question.

    10 Years old and above


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