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    Songwriting Lessons ONLINE

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    Class Overview

    ALL LESSONS ARE ONLINE ONLY and songwriting is $30/30 min-- you can decide if you want 30 minute lessons OR 1 hour lessons. A package of 3 is possible if you'd like as well.
    In these lessons, I expect the student to already have some musical background and an instrument they play to help with their songwriting process.

    Piano is a great vehicle for songwriting but so is guitar, ukulele etc.

    I go over the building blocks of creating a song and go through a fun easy step by step process for accomplishing your first song and we go from there creating more complex ideas and songs

    Songwriting lessons include strategies for how to generate inspiration, ideas as well what you want your message to be and how to write catchy hooks and melodies! Want to check out my music? See

    5 Years old and above


    An instrument, high speed internet and you!

    Your instrument and you! Bring a notepad or sheet music AND something to record ideas and lesson on is ideal.

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