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    Piano Lessons ONLINE

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    Class Overview

    In my piano lessons, I teach students ages 6+ children and adults whether from beginning or intermediate.

    My main goal is to see to it that I am meeting your learning style of learning and we have a clear idea of goals and that you are having fun while learning!

    I go over the following which is interwoven in lessons for a natural seamless process. I've been teaching piano for over 12 years. Trained in the RCM Royal Conservatory of Music orginally, went to music school at UBC and have a lot of I've been told I have a unique and effective way of teaching, especially to young ones.

    ✳ proper form and posture
    ✳ piano basics; rhythm, pitch etc
    ✳ various games/strategies that incorporate ear training, sight-reading
    ✳ pieces and songs that meet the interest of student while meeting our piano goals for growth.
    ✳ in some cases, I help students and artists who already play piano and sing but want help integrating the two.

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    5 Years old and above


    High speed internet, your piano/keyboard and you!

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