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    Voice Lessons ONLINE

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    Class Overview

    ONLINE SALE only here at Clascity! 40% off lessons now. NOW $30 or $60/hr
    FREE 20 minute voice lesson/consultation offered!

    Due to COVID-19 all lessons will be online until further notice. Many will be at home and needing activities to do. Why not explore a new hobby or hone in on your vocal skills for singing or speaking! Keep safe, keep hopeful.

    Are you wanting to improve your singing voice or speaking voice? Whether you want to upgrade your chops for the next gig, work on your vocal projection for your speech or even get you child using their voice to help build confidence, there are so many reasons why it's important to have good voice training.

    Sessions are ONLY ONLINE until further notice.

    Studio address given upon contact/booking- once back in-person.
    General hours are 12-6:30 M-F with some Sat options

    More information on

    5 Years old and above


    Any students with previous vocal conditions such as nodules, polyps are required to let me know about this before making a booking. A student general intake form will be sent before lesson time.

    High speed internet, wear comfortable clothing, water and a recording device such as a smartphone to record your exercises /lesson.

    Curriculum for this class

    Discovering your Voice!

    During our initial lesson there are 3 steps to be aware of. (Keep in mind, when teaching children its the same main steps but in an engaged fun way!) 1. I guide you through a vocal assessment to find your needs, your strengths and challenges. This will include learning about your vocal history or any conditions if not indicated before booking. You will find out your voice type which lays the land and helps direct your vocal formula! 2. From there we address what you are wanting out of lessons. Do you have an intention; a goal that you would love to strive for? 3. I lead you into several personalized exercises that meet you where you are at while building your vocal skills and confidence. (A great time to record exercises) *Your improvement will be based on your commitment to the process. Small action yields big results over time! Finally I like to hear you sing if applicable and ready to do so, and from there I show you how to apply some strategy to your practice.

    Vocal Discovery, Goal & Your Personal Vocal Formula

    Vocal Response

    This lesson is checking in with how you've responded vocally to the last lesson. The layout may be similar, with more time on exercises, tweaking and application to song or speech where applicable. Everyone is different and so some students need more time getting to know the exercises while other seasoned singers will need more application to song etc.

    How are you responding to the process, the exercises?

    Vocal Check-in & Follow-up

    This lesson is determined by how things are progressing. We check in with your voice and the progress using the exercises and if application of song has occurred. At this point, a student has a general understanding of their voice type and has some personalized and pivotal vocal tools for positive change. At this point or in previous lessons, you may already have found positive change in your voice! Awareness takes exploration, process and time. With continued willingness, you will grow along the way and that is my hope for you! A discount off your next pack! Just let me know what you'd like to book.

    How are things progressing? Reviewing, tweaking as needed.


    Can I learn to sing?

    Yes. If you can make sound, you can learn to sing. Learning to sing involves surrendering to the process, building new neural pathways in the brain, engaging muscles you may not be used to and can give incredible joy and confidence to you. You can do it! Let me show you:)

    What if I've had past vocal conditions or surgeries?

    Its recommended you see a specialist like an ENT (Ears, Nose Throat specialist) and get the okay to take voice training, especially if you've had a past surgery. I offer a free online 20 minute consultation for those in this case and I can assess what I can offer. In some cases, I can't offer anything aside from vocal rest so please be aware and do your due diligence and seek a throat specialist. If you are unsure if you have a vocal condition, haven't gone to a specialist and suspect an issue, feel free to book a consultation with me.

    Do you only do voice lessons/voice coaching?

    In addition to my work as a voice teacher/coach, I also provide the following: * vocal yoga tools (within my voice coaching) * performance strategy and support (within voice coaching) * songwriting instruction * piano lessons at this time online for ages 9+

    Do you teach a certain genre?

    No, I actually teach your voice to show up in a safe, effective way that will produce results regardless of genre. (Releasing tension and releasing bad habits through the use of tools practiced with me and outside of our lesson) Once this foundation is settled (through muscle memory and commitment to the process) we can look at applying style/genre techniques on top of a proper foundation. Think of it as a house. We're building a strong house and we won't be decorating until we have the house foundation and frame!

    How do you work with clients and students in speech/spoken application?

    Some of my teaching is very similar to that with singers, however the need for vocal expansion is less needed. We still focus on setting the right foundation based on your vocal needs. I will focus on tone, clarity, projection, articulation, intonation/reflections, proper vocal hygiene and warm-ups before and after any long presentations etc. I also include vocal rehab where needed. For example, after a cold, after losing one's voice after vocal rest, during/after touring etc.

    Any questions for me?

    Please reach out as there's always more FAQ I can add here, so let me know how I can help!

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