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    Piano Lessons - Learn fast, play better, enjoy more

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    Class Overview

    Hello music lovers!

    Do any of the following apply to you?

    - Child(ren) beginner(s)
    - Adult beginner
    - RCM Exams
    - Music theory and history
    - University auditions
    - Competitions
    - Music Festivals
    - Professional musician seeking to further improve technique and skills
    - Play for fun
    - Pursuing career in music

    If you're looking for piano lessons for one or more of the above reasons, look no further.

    As an active performing pianist and music teacher, I've developed effective methods for teaching children and adults to learn faster.

    Proven track record of students achieving high marks at RCM exams.

    Many opportunities to perform including student concerts, masterclasses, and collaborating performance events between myself and other teachers.


    Why learn music? Serious training in music will cultivate skills that are the key elements to success in life. "Practice makes permanent". There is a reason why we hear this phrase so much. Music will show you, by putting in the work, you will eventually see results. When you practice more, you will get better. This teaches you that you get what you put in effort for.

    Playing music with others whether in an ensemble or accompanying, teaches you to collaborate. You learn when to solo and when to follow. Practicing music sharpens qualities like listening, creative thinking, articulation in communicating, problem solving, and building confidence.

    Whether or not my students decide to become a professional musicians, I want to pass on these key qualities through learning and enjoying music so they may succeed in any field they go into.

    Please feel free to contact me for lesson inquiries.


    5 Years old and above

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