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    Tutoring: High School or University English + ASD + ESL

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    Class Overview

    In January 2020, I will have openings for tutoring at the Vancouver Public Library.

    My experience:
    ⇁ I have a Curriculum and Instruction Masters degree after having successfully written, published and defended my thesis.
    ⇁ 8+ years teaching experience (5 years high school English Language Arts + 3 years all subjects elementary).
    ⇁ 8+ years working with individuals on the Autism Spectrum.
    ⇁ 3+ years experience tutoring elementary, secondary and university level individuals.
    ⇁ Ability to plan and develop learning materials to suit all types of learners.

    Types of tutoring I offer:
    ⇁ University or high school English tutoring (proof reading, writing support, comprehension, conversation etc.)
    ⇁ Elementary tutoring in all subjects (I currently teach Grade 5)
    ⇁ Resume and cover letter development
    ⇁ Table top teaching for individuals with ASD (goal specific)

    ⇁ University or high school English ($40/hr)
    ⇁ Elementary tutoring ($35/hr)

    ⇁ I am flexible when it comes to changes in schedule. I ask that you plan and organize your tutoring time a week in advance.
    ⇁ I am available for tutoring Monday-Thursday (4:00PM-8:00PM) and Sundays (1:00PM-5:00PM).
    ⇁ All tutoring takes place at the Vancouver Public Library at 350 W Georgia Street.

    ⇁ Please contact me by email at [email protected] or text (437) 488-4083.

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