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    Reading 📘 & Writing ✍️ Gr. 1-12 ADD/ADHD Specialist Tutor

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    Class Overview

    ADD/ADHD Specialist Reading & Writing Tutor Gr. 1-12 for Struggling Readers & Writing Skills

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    📞 (231) 846-7519 📧 [email protected]

    “Natasha Ginger has really helped my 3 children. My children are in grades 2, 8, and 11 at this time. She has taught my Canadian born and English speaking children for approximately 1 year. During this period of time, she helped my grade 2 boy, Jordan, who was once struggling with comprehending, reading fluency, reading comprehension, speaking accuracy, and writing skills. He has since become a top reader in his grade 2 class, speaks with accuracy and clarity, and is able to have excellent communication with his teachers. He is writing stories with creativity and more concentration than he was previously. He is at this time receiving excellent reports and updates from his teachers. She has also been helping my son, Justin, receive great results in his report card in grade 7 for English writing, and helped inspire him to receive better marks overall. She helped him throughout the year of grade 7, to prepare for his interview, testing, and application process, with the outcome being, to be admitted into a top Private School of BC, Canada. We are very proud of our son, and he is continuing with Ms. Ginger at this time as he has been receiving great success. Our grade 11 boy, Jayden, is receiving excellent results in his PSAT practice examinations in writing and reading. He is also continuing to receive top marks in his English studies at a top Private School in BC, Canada. We are continuing to work with Natasha Ginger, due to the results of our childrens’ successes with her help. Thank you for everything!” - Shivreen H., Surrey, BC, Canada

    Receive 1 FREE HOUR for Reading OR Writing Assessment

    ❌ Absolutely NO CONTRACTS
    🌞 Increased Grades and Confidence
    💼 Certified B.Ed., B.A.,Teacher & Special Education Certified
    ✍️ Deep understanding of ADD/ADHD and struggling learners and readers
    💻 Best ADD/ADHD Reading & Writing Teacher Convenience Online
    💼 Specialist for over 10 Years - Always meets student needs

    Reading & Writing Tutor, struggling readers, learning disabilities, Gr. 1-12
    SPECIALIST IN ADD/ADHD, Special Education, English, and Education.
    Natasha the Reading & Writing Tutor

    5 Years old and above


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