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    Swimming Lessons Vancouver - Learn to swim FAST

    12 lessons · students enrolled · reviews
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    Class Overview

    Swim coach in Vancouver with over 10 years of experience in teaching swimming, I've developed a system that can help both kids or adults learn how to swim very efficiently. All the swimming movements are broken into steps, so simple that even a 5 years old will have no problem to comprehend.

    I've set the class to 12 sessions, but I'd not stall your progress just to make more money out of your pocket. What I seek is performance. I've had a 7 years old kid, total beginner, learned how to swim freestyle (25m) in only 1 session. It's all about the system and as long as you aren't afraid of water, I can help you.

    I've won medals during my time in high school. I'm also a certified lifeguard and swim coach in Hong Kong, where I built a good reputation with over 40 students in a summer.

    I can teach in any public swimming pools around Vancouver or in Burnaby. I can also commute to your location if you have a pool in your build.

    Send me a message to learn more.

    5 Years old and above

    English, Cantonese

    The student should feel comfortable in the water.

    Swim wear, Swimming goggles, Dry towel

    Curriculum for this class

    Basic flutter kick and floating techniques

    Free style hand movement I

    Free style hand movement II

    Arm and leg movements coordination I

    Arm and leg movements coordination II

    Arm and leg movements coordination III

    Breathing exercise I

    Breathing exercise II

    Breathing exercise III

    Whole body movements coordination

    Distance swimming practice I

    Distance swimming practice II


    Do you give discount for group lesson?

    Yes. There will be a 10% discount if you book 3 sessions in advance.

    Is it guaranteed that I’ll be able to swim after the swimming course?

    Most of my students are able to swim 25m after 12 sessions. Although everyone is different and there is no guarantee for how many sessions a student will need to be able to swim.

    Do you teach advance freestyle?

    Yes. I used to swim competitively. I can share some techniques and plan a training plan for you to help you swim faster.

    Do you only accept kids older than 5 yrs old?

    Yes. If you are looking for efficiency, I found 5 yrs and up would be ideal. Too young and it'll be difficult for them to understand instructions.

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    We've had the pleasure of Caleb coming to our pool to teach our kids. He's taken one of ours from tentatively hugging the edge to confidently swimming everywhere. We look forward to Caleb working further with our kids.

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