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    Writing Tutor and Coach

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    Class Overview

    Over the last decade, I have helped students from elementary school to graduate school become strong, confident writers in a range of forms and styles. I am a published writer myself, with an MFA in poetry and an MA in philosophy.

    My speciality is working one-on-one with undergraduate and graduate students on the fundamentals of essay writing. I offer guidance through all, or any part, of the composition process, including thesis development, research, structure, style and formatting. My students learn to make compelling, logical arguments that are accessibly written and free of grammatical errors.

    I have experience working with students in a huge range of subjects, including English, philosophy, political studies, gender studies, psychology, and history. Philosophy can be particularly intimidating, especially for first year university students. If you're looking for someone to translate complex ideas into plain language, supported by everyday examples, I'm here for you. My down to earth approach makes philosophy accessible and relevant.

    I am also a creative writing coach, with experience teaching creative writing at the university level. I love nourishing creativity and exploration, in tandem with building key craft skills.

    No two students learn, listen or think in exactly the same way. Therefore, I provide a personalized approach based on your strengths and weaknesses. I want to see you succeed on your own merits and gain long-term skills, as well as confidence. I enjoy working with students of all ages and backgrounds, and love spreading the joy of learning and writing.

    With the right support and communication, my students see results. Nothing is more rewarding to them or to me.

    In addition to tutoring, I'm also an editor who has worked one-on-one with numerous clients on books, articles, press releases, marketing materials, school/job applications and creative projects.

    5 Years old and above


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