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    Statistics/Biostatistics/Business Statistics Tutor

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    Class Overview

    I provide statistics tutoring for undergraduate and graduate students. Also, college students are welcome.

    I am offering statistics lessons (basic or advanced) for non-statistics background people in an easier way. I have eight years of experience of teaching/tutoring in different subjects of Statistics/Biostatistics. I am comfortable with Basic Statistics (including all measures), Linear Regression Analysis (as well as non-linear), Probability distributions, Generalized Linear Models, Mixed Models, Time Series Analysis, Multivariate Analysis including Factor Analysis, Principal Component Analysis, etc., Basics of Bayesian Analysis and many other topics. If you are interested, e-mail me or give a text to me. I can meet in Vancouver.

    About me: I am a PhD student of Biostatistics at SFU. I achieved my M.Sc in Statistics from UBC. I worked as a junior faculty at the University of Dhaka. Also, I am working as a teaching assistant at SFU (previously at UBC) for statistical courses. Mostly, I provide tutoring for undergraduate students who want to learn and do well in Stat courses.
    You can check my Website:
    or LinkedIn account:

    Tutoring Fee: 30 CAD/hour (2 hours minimum)

    10 Years old and above


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