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    CoderTutors Web Development Tutoring / Mentoring (Online)

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    Class Overview

    Mr. Coder is an online tutor who has developed a method of teaching writing and programming which actually helps people learn things long-term, instead of forgetting shortly after the exam (which seems to be the case too often in highschools and universities). He does this by emphasizing long-term working memory. James applies to this his contagious passion for language, with results that make students enthusiastic and help them think more clearly, learn with less anxiety, become life-long learners, and of course: get better grades. Mr. Coder’s style of teaching emphasizes the good, the true, and the beautiful as values. He teaches eighth grade students through post-graduate and adult students – from beginning writers to those already publishing peer-reviewed academic papers.

    Why do so many students say James Coder is the best tutor they’ve had?

    New ⭐teaching method⭐ that helps relieve programming anxiety 😰😖😱 and takes the edge off the hard computery stuff. I help you see the forest for the trees to keep you calm ☕😌, clear 💡 and purposeful 💪.

    My students not only learn web development, but are more peaceful, organized, and motivated.

    Long-term Working Memory - you don’t forget what you learn; you learn ways to save 💾 what you learn for life 🌱.

    My teaching method works ⚡💼 - proof in the many glowing testimonials

    🕚 Highly Flexible / ❌ No Contract / 💵 Money-back guarantee

    Pay 💲10 per hour less than what James’s students with the big company have to pay

    🎓 Scholarships available to students showing exceptional merit

    Higschool age through adult, including computer science grad students

    A method that keeps qualities of web programming that employers want - security and maintainability - high in priority. Telling employers you learned with me will help you get a JOB

    👩 Small Business web presence & social media coaching

    10 Years old and above


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