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    Mobile swim coach - adult swimming lessons (private 1:1)

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    Class Overview

    If you’re tired of public swimming lessons that don’t work, then it's time for a change!
    Hi I'm Justin and I'm the ONLY adult swim coach+personal trainer here in Van that will get you professional results FAST.

    I specialize in helping 3 types of clients:
    • Fear of deep water.. “I really want to learn how to swim but I’m scared of DROWNING in deep water and can’t get over my fears..”
    • Stroke/technique correction.. “I’ve been struggling with my front crawl, breast stroke, treading water etc. for YEARS and it feels hopeless..”
    • Endurance swimming.. “I want to lose weight, recover from injuries and GET FIT by swimming but can’t swim more than ONE lap and it’s REALLY frustrating..”

    If this sounds like you then I encourage you to give private swimming lessons a try:
    • One on one training.. distraction-free learning
    • Customized lessons.. focused feedback and homework
    • Guaranteed results.. save money, time & unnecessary stress

    Why you should hire me?
    • Swim coach AND fitness trainer with over 20+ years of first hand teaching experience around the world
    • The only Swimmer AND YouTuber that walks the walk:
    • I’m offering my services for a limited time, very few spots available to book for Sept and Oct only

    Student Requirements:
    • Adults only (no infants, special needs, children sorry)
    • Condo or private pool access only (no public pools sorry)
    • Complete beginners to advanced students welcome
    • Competitive, triathlon, lifeguarding students welcome
    • 1-2 month time commitment depending on your swimming goals

    Specializing in:
    • Breathing
    • Glides
    • Stroke Progressions
    • Front Crawl
    • Breast Stroke
    • Back Crawl
    • Butterfly
    • Flip Turns
    • Treading Water
    • Diving
    • Open Water Swimming
    • Deep Water Training
    • Lifeguard Training
    • First Aid CPR
    • Stretching
    • Nutrition
    • Cardio
    • Weight Training

    1:1 = $40 per 30 mins
    1:2 = $60 per 30 mins
    1:3 or more please enquire below..

    Facebook Group:

    Happy Swimming!

    5 Years old and above


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