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    Experienced Mandarin Chinese Tutor (Vancouver)

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    Class Overview

    Is it a great time to learn Chinese? Yes! Because China’s international standing has been improved and economy has developed rapidly recently,so many jobs and business opportunities are waiting for you!

    How to learn Chinese quickly? The key is to have a good teacher! I am an experienced teacher with love and patient, and there’s even some humor 😉 I can accommodate to the characteristics of each student to choose the appropriate teaching approach, and I guarantee that learning Chinese could be easier than you think!

    As a native and experienced Mandarin instructor, I possess a Master degree in Chinese language and a Ph.D degree in Education from Monash University, Australia. I have 20 years of education experience back in China and 10 years of Chinese education experience in Canada. I will help you develop your Chinese skills in speaking and listening as well as reading and writing, enable you to communicate with confidence and be successful in a global environment.

    I offer 1-on-1 or small group lessons for adults and children in flexible time schedule at your convenience, to achieve your goals effectively.

    Free oral practices are organized every week for registered students to take the knowledge into practice in fun & friendly environment.

    I provide specialized courses in the following categories:

    1-on-1 Course: Customized to your very own needs.
    Small Group Course: Bring your friend, or mix with others – tuition will be cheaper and the class interactions will be more fun.
    Business Courses: I am experienced in teaching disciplines including lawyers, realtors, accountants, general managers, flight attendants and more. I could help you prepare contracts, advertisements, file translations etc, and get you into your specialties quickly.
    Speaking Focused Course: If you plan to travel to China soon, I can prepare you with essential Chinese speaking knowledge in a short time.
    HSK Course: If you want to find a job in China or get admitted by a Chinese university, I can prepare you with HSK related knowledge and get the certificate.
    You will get a free consultation, and we can discuss and make clear goals to work toward.

    Don’t hesitate to contact me – call, text or email to ask any questions or book an appointment. Let’s have an enjoyable experience in the Mandarin class!

    5 Years old and above

    Chinese, English

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