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    Math/Science Tutor

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    Class Overview

    We are offering help in mathematics for high school students who may be struggling or want a head start for next year.
    Charge: One-to-one $30/hr. $20/hr for first lesson.
    Time and place is flexible and can be changed depending on what is most convenient.

    We are both proficient in mathematics, our average percentage ranging from 97% to 99%
    Martin has already completed all math courses in high school and has finished 3 AP courses(university courses) He participated in the Cayley math competition and his team placed first in BC and third in Canada.

    As we are also students it is easier to connect with other students and we can get a better sense of what they may need help with. We are able to explain concepts in an easy to understand way and have had experience tutoring fellow classmates in math and science at school.

    Courses that we can tutor:

    Math 6-9
    Pre-Calculus/ Foundations 10
    Pre-Calculus 11-12
    AP Calculus BC
    Science 8 - 10
    Physics 11-12
    AP Physics 2

    10 Years old and above


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