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    Wadaiko (Japanese Taiko drum) Lessons available!

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    Class Overview

    I am offering man-to-man Wadaiko (Taiko drum) Lessons at your place. You don't need to have your own Taiko to start with because I can bring mine. I will tailor-make lessons according to your own purpose and goal. Some want to do an excellent whole body exercise, some want to learn Japanese traditional music, some want to improve their drumming skills. Please let me know what you want from learning/playing Taiko. Taiko is good for your health and brain as science has proven. Taiko is a very simple instrument, yet it teaches you a lot of things as your journey keeps going. A class is for $60 for 60 minutes or $100 for 120 minutes. Plerase feel free to ask me any inquiries. I am looking forward to talking to you!
    The video above is about:
    ‘Harukaze’: composed by Nori Akagi
    Arranged and performed by Bushido/節童
    Performers: Alcvin Ryuzen Ramos (Shakuhachi master), Nori Akagi (Taiko performer)

    Nori Akagi’s website:

    Bushido EP: Emergence

    10 Years old and above

    English, Japanese

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