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    Gr 9 Math Survival Algebra Course - Highly Effective

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    Class Overview

    Get ready for Grade 9 Math!

    This course covers topics that students are expected to know in Grade 9 but often poorly taught in Grade 8. The topics are 1) Translating Algebraic Expressions, 2) Solving Equations with Fractions, 3) Distributive Property, 4) Exponent Laws and 5) Simplifying Polynomials.

    Key Features
    – Google Classroom (Materials and homework are on Google Classroom)
    – Parents can monitor their children’s progress online. Materials are designed professionally that allow them to learn and construct their knowledge on their own pace.
    – We have received great feedback from parents and students.
    – Many students are surprised that they have never been learned these topics in Grade 8.
    – Highly Effective

    Limited Enrollment
    Time: Tues/ Thur 6:30 – 8:30 pm

    10 Years old and above


    Students must spend time to do homework.

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