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    GREEK LESSONS with a native Athenian experienced teacher!

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    Class Overview

    Learn Modern Greek.
    Advance your conversational skills quickly.
    Speak Greek from the first lesson.

    I use the same method and books as the ones that are taught at the Athens Center for Greek studies.
    (One of the best schools for learning Greek as a foreign language in Athens- Greece)

    Study with a college educated native Athenian, with a vast teaching experience,
    who will help you understand the language and improve quickly and efficiently!

    At my conveniently located midtown Manhattan studio, Online OR at your place.
    Learning Greek has never been easier.

    Contact me to find out more about my monthly rates and discounts.

    Both my husband I have been taking lessons in Greek from Spiros Soukis for several years. My husband is Greek-American, but did not learn the language growing up, and we travel to Greece fairly often to visit relatives. We had taken Greek lessons years ago with mixed results. That teacher's rote drills of grammar made for very slow and tedious progress. In contrast, when we started taking lessons again with Spiros after many years, we began to learn to converse immediately. We certainly learned grammar from textbooks, but also honed our skills by putting our lessons into practical use and conversation. In our lessons, we review grammar and vocabulary, work on reading and writing skills and practice conversational Greek. Since we have started studying with Spiros,we have actually been able to get by day to day speaking Greek when we travel to Greece. Our relatives have been amazed at our progress. I highly recommend Spiros Soukis to anyone who wants to study modern Greek.

    Linda C.
    Chief, Planning, Development and Environmental Services for MTA Capital Construction Company

    Reviews :
    Kathryn typaldos
    Spiros is a lively and engaging Greek tutor. He combines textbook analysis with real life perspective on learning the language. I highly recommend him!

    John K
    As someone with Greek heritage, who did not speak Greek (having forgotten all my Greek learned as a child), I decided to take Greek lessons with Spiros. With his help, I was able to make rapid progress, and when I next went to Greece, my relatives were very surprised, impressed and happy with my new ability to communicate with them! It was great to be able to talk with my older relatives and share stories with them.

    Jeann Linsley
    I have been Spiros' student for nine years, and have been extremely pleased with his teaching methods and, most of all, with the results! I have learned enough to hold my own in conversations with native Greek speakers, and feel confident as well in my comprehension and reading and writing skills. Spiros is patient but firm, and sensitive to my particular learning style.

    10 Years old and above


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