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    Guide to electronics

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    Class Overview

    This course guides through the fundamentals of electronics at the beginning and progresses towards the advanced concepts in the same. For those who have interest or who is/want to be pursuing electronics as a part of their career this may be helpful. This course will cover:
    1. Semiconductor physics
    2. Basics of electronic devices such as Diodes, BJT, JFET, MOSFET, CMOS, BiFET. (Other devices such as power electronic devices will be covered under different section)
    3. Op-amps and its applications
    4. Power electronic devices
    5. Power electronic converters (AC-DC (rectifiers: half and full controlled and uncontrolled), AC-AC (thyristor converters), DC-AC (Inverters), DC-DC (Choppers: Buck and Boost, Classes: A,B,C,D,E))
    6. Problems of parasitic capacitances, stray inductance, EMI, EOS and the measures to eliminate them
    7. Protection circuits
    8. Utility side designs and power system electronics

    The titles given are highly reduced versions of the vast syllabus within each title. Each title has a broad spectrum of information.

    20 Years old and above


    Prerequisites: 1. Basic knowledge of semiconductor physics 2. Fundamental knowledge of electronic devices 3. Basic notions of potential and current. Although the above will be taught it will be convenient and will aid in better understanding.

    If they prefer to take notes, then they shall bring notebooks and pens and/or a highlighter or colored pens for highlighting the important ones.

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