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    English and Writing Tutor

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    Class Overview

    During our class session, my main goal is for you to walk away with a better understanding of the English language/current lesson plan. If you are looking for extra help understanding how to properly write college-level essays or papers, you've come looking in the right place!

    10 Years old and above


    Rubric/Instructions for assignment help if needed.

    Curriculum for this class

    What is a thesis and how do I write one?

    One thing I have noticed in my experience as an English and Writing tutor is the fear that students have concerning the thesis. While I understand why students are fearful the thesis is the best part! It is my favorite thing to write since the thesis gives the paper structure. During this lesson, I will be breaking down the purpose of a thesis and how to properly write one. We will be going through examples that may be applicable to your academic career.

    To write a thesis for multiple different types of paper.

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