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    Web and graphic design

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    Class Overview

    In this course, students will learn the necessary technical skills to create meaningful web sites that showcase their strengths as designers, implementing graphic design principles to web design. Students will build web sites that demonstrate their mastery of standards compliant HTML and CSS, as well as an understanding of web usability. Students will also learn how to trouble-shoot and solve technical issues.
    Students gradually will gain knowledge to become proficient in web and graphic design. They can stop taking classes any time and continue studying independently, but it is recommended to take the whole course, 10-15 classes, depending on individual abilities and time spending on homework, to significantly master the skills.

    At the end of the semester students should be able to:
    • Gain a solid foundation in current markup languages and applications.
    • Learn to stay up-to-date of current and developing trends in internet development, information technology, and website design
    • Display working knowledge of HTML and CSS and code fundamental web pages
    • Understand image optimization for the web
    • Show proficiency in creating usable, well-crafted web design in Photoshop
    • Be able to embed text and images into web pages.
    • Publish a fully operational portfolio site
    • Design and build an effective portfolio site, if needed
    • Upload a fully operational site to a server using FTP (File Transfer Protocol)
    Use basic Dreamweaver software (for PC and Mac) or Text Wrangler (for Mac) or Cyberduck text editors

    In addition, I can teach graphic design, advertising design, corporate identity and branding, also Adobe software, such as Photoshop and Illustrator, as well as photo manipulation and photo restoration.

    Location: I can teach you at my location or we can use Skype

    10 Years old and above

    English, Russian

    Sufficient time for homework and projects Dropbox account

    Curriculum for this class

    The first webpage

    - Hosting and domain - Basic structures of a web page and website - HTML (HyperText Markup Language) – beginning: HTML page fundamental structure (html, head, title, body) Basic tags and their structure HTML elements and attributes Basic text formatting Inserting image - Using Notepad or TextEdit - BBEdit and Dreamweaver - Using Text Wrangler (for Mac), Notepad++ (for PC), Cyberduck (for Mac or PC)

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