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    Private Guitar Instruction, All Levels, See Amazing Results

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    Class Overview

    Thank you for your interest in learning guitar with me.

    Have you played before, or are you starting out on guitar?
    Tell me more!
    Wether you are a complete beginner, intermediate guitarist or world-class top advanced guitar god, you will learn a ton in no time at all, and see progress you won't believe.

    As you prob already know: learning guitar is not only super much fun, it’s also really good for you in so many ways. Just the dexterity part of learning an instrument has been proven to further grow IQ and memory, even if you start learning guitar at a later age.

    Most people ask about rates, but forget to ask the even more important question: what am I going to get out of my lesson money??
    After all: would you rather study with the $40 an hour teacher, who will get you to the level where you’ll be able to play 3-4 songs about 4 weeks from now (cost to get you there: 120-160 bucks, and 4 weeks of your valuable time), or would you rather pay a bit more than 40 to study with a reputable top-coach, and accomplish 3-4 weeks of progress in only ONE lesson? (you save 3 weeks of time, 3 trips to lessons in gas, AND almost 100 bucks in lesson expenses).

    As all my students know:
    If you never played or even held a guitar before, right now you are only about 60 minutes away from being able to play at least 3-4 songs as on the album. (we are talking about well-known rock, pop, folk, blues etc type of songs)
    That is all it takes. My complete beginner students can play 3-4 songs after only 1 lesson. As you might already know: few teachers can match those results. The reason why you want to progress really well, is that you then get this rewarding and satisfying feeling of achievement kicking in.

    Here's 2 short, inspiring stories that show why you will get a kick out of studying guitar, and why you won’t believe your results :) To give you an idea of how much fun that priceless feeling of musical achievement is: meet Olga.

    Olga didn’t know how to hold a guitar when she walked in for her first lesson with me.
    In only 3 weeks of lessons, she played “Smoke On The Water” and “Highway to Hell”, note for note, exactly as on the album.

    You can read her story here and see videos recorded in her guitar lesson, 3 weeks after she first started lessons. She had just learned those songs when I videotaped this:

    Only a handful of music teachers get those results with their students. (and they usually charge a lot more than you will pay studying with me)

    Of course: Olga loves classic rock, but you can replace "Smoke On The Water" or "Highway to Hell" with any song or genre of your liking. Your musical styles and tastes might be different from Olga's, but your results ARE going to be equally outstanding.

    Or there is the story of Mike Beach.

    Mike showed up with his lefty acoustic guitar in his first lesson.
    He had just moved to LA from SF only days before, and someone in SF had recommended he should study with me. As is the case with complete beginners, Mike learned how to hold a guitar in his first lesson, and learned his first chords, rhythms and songs.

    He came out of his first lesson able to play his first 3-5 songs along the recording.

    Fastforward 3 years from that day Mike had his first guitar lesson:

    Mike moved to Melbourne and within 2 months, he became one of the busiest guitar teachers in Melbourne, teaching 40+ students every week from his home.
    He’s so good he has to turn down at least 5 students a week cause his teaching schedules are too full to take everybody on who wants to work with him.

    Mike literally went from complete beginner guitar student to professional musician earning his living with music only, in merely 3 years time. He has a couple of albums out by now, AND is currently preparing for his next (3rd or 4th, I lost count) international tour doing his own music.

    Now, you might think: “Maybe these 2 people just really happen to be very talented people”, but these are only 2 out of hundreds of success stories my students can tell you.

    Not only that:
    If you could have seen how much Olga and Mike (just like everybody in the beginning) struggled trying to get their fingers to play their first chords on guitar, you would immediately discard the whole idea that somehow they must be more talented than you and me haha. :)

    Olga and Mike are not any more talented than us, but their stories show some of the benefits you get from studying with a top teacher, vs the cheaper teacher who will end up costing you way more in the long run due to much slower progress and results for your money.

    You will improve exceptionally well, and get a kick out of learning with a very patient, experienced, and positive guitar teacher who can guarantee you instant transformation in your playing, wether you are a complete newbie at guitar or a seasoned pro guitarist who’s been playing 50+ years.

    Those great results you will enjoy, is one of the reasons why I'm also the preferred teacher of many famous musicians and actors, including Weezer, The Commodores, Vanessa Williams, Nicolas Cage, just to name a few.

    You will surprise and impress your friends and relatives:

    1) When you can tell them that you are learning guitar with the same teacher hired by Nicholas Cage, or in the guitar studio where Weezer's guitarist comes for lessons. But more importantly:

    2) In only a matter of weeks YOU, your friends, and your family will be impressed, wondering how the hell you got so good in such a short time.

    You can find a lot of great info and get a feel for the lessons on

    Some of the reasons why you will get results and progress you won't see with other teachers:

    1) You will have access to a really strong guitar curriculum, with professional looking hand outs. (none of your lesson time gets wasted me having to write down lesson materials)
    2) We work on whatever you would like to work or learn. The guitar curriculum can be customized to your specific goals, dreams or musical taste on a dime.
    3) +25 years of teaching experience, comes in handy too haha.
    4) A vast library of many thousands of song charts, chord charts, 60,000+ iTunes library, etc at the teaching studio.
    5) A strong, vast guitar lesson plan, covering absolutely everything you can think off with thousands of exercises. The plan covers any possible guitar technique, each one of the 2048 music scales that exist in music, every possibly rhythm style, how to play any style of music, how to play guitar solos, ear training, music theory, and so much more, even classical guitar, gypsy guitar, and so on.

    Hit me up anytime when you would like to get started, or if you have any questions.
    Looking forward to hearing you become really good at guitar.

    PS: I offer steep discounts on 10 and 20 lesson packages.

    English, Dutch

    I only teach starting 14 years old. No maximum age requirement.

    The only thing to bring is your guitar. I provide all the rest. There is a nice selection of amps, guitar effects and pedal boards available for you to use at the teaching studio


    Do you also teach online/Skype

    Yes. About 60% of my students meet at my professional teaching studio. 40% have their lessons from the comfort of their home through Skype. No price difference.

    How is parking around your studio.

    Super easy at any given time of day. Upon arrival: park anywhere on the street. My studio is on a gated lot. Call me 310 902 0993 a minute or so before your lesson time so I know you're here. I'll come meet you at the gate.

    Can you teach me specific songs or styles I would like to learn.

    Yes. Because I've been teaching over 25 years, you can literally bring in any song of your liking (or I can get it on YouTube within a second), and I can teach you any song instantly, even if I never heard the song before. The 25 years experience helps. Another thing that helps haha, are the 3 Degrees in Classical Guitar, Jazz Guitar and Music Production & Engineering I earned Summa Cum Laude at Berklee College of Music and Conservatory in Belgium.

    How often should I meet for lessons

    There is nothing like meeting weekly for exceptional results. Research has shown that music students who meet weekly, progress at least 4 times more quickly than students who only meet every other week. However: you might be in a situation (crazy work schedules, etc...) where weekly lessons is not viable. In that case, the next best thing is meeting 2-weekly haha. Absolutely EVERYTHING is better than self-study or YouTube learning.

    Should I learn on acoustic or electric

    Either way, really. You should learn on your favorite guitar, on the one you most like playing and learning on.

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