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    Proper Nutrition For Old People

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    Class Overview

    What are the nutritional needs of the elderly? What happens when older people are malnourished? How is a healthy diet? As a caregiver to people in their final years, these and other similar questions will be familiar to you.

    Our body begins to function differently with age, sometimes increasing vulnerability to the disease. Diet plays a vital role in maintaining health in general, and caregivers play a crucial role in meeting the nutritional needs of older people. In this spirit, it is particularly important to ensure that caregivers are well equipped to provide correct dietary advice.

    This class provides essential information on the nutritional needs of older people, the role that nutrition can play in disease prevention and the influence of social context on dietary behavior. Along the way, you will receive tips and tools provided by health professionals and experts who are dedicated to improving the everyday health of seniors.

    Whether you are a caregiver, a medical student, a health professional or someone with interest in nutrition, this class will help you learn about aging food so you can provide the best level of care.

    What will you learn?
    Learn how:
    Recognize the basics of healthy nutrition and aging
    Apply nutritional knowledge to your care practices
    Create a balanced meal plan following the recommendations of a professional
    Use tips and tools recommended by healthcare professionals
    Access local resources and provide social support to seniors

    20 Years old and above


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