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    Health and safety for your kids

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    Class Overview

    Injuries such as traffic accidents, youth violence, and suicide are the leading cause of death for children and youth. However, almost all of these injuries can be prevented through the widespread application of evidence-based practices and policies.

    Public health experts, nurses, physicians, social workers, teachers, child protection workers, and parents play a vital role in the prevention of pediatric injuries. Despite its impact, there is currently very little training in the science of injury prevention.

    This class lays the groundwork for pediatric injury prevention and will increase your understanding of this critical public health issue through timely, concise and timely lectures, interviews, and demonstrations by a multidisciplinary group of prevention experts — traumas of national renown.
    You will learn:
    Critical concepts for effective injury prevention in children and adolescents, including advocacy at local and national levels
    Prevention of Intentional Injuries, Including Intimidation, Dating Violence, Sexual Violence, Firearms Injury, and Suicide Prevention
    Transportation safety, including child safety seats and teenage steering
    Sports Concoction
    The epidemic of opioids and use of substances by adolescents

    10 Years old and above


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