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    Effective Business Communication

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    Class Overview

    Hello! My name is Sarah; I am a Communication Expert.
    Communication not only helps us share our ideas but is essential to doing our job and doing better.
    In a professional scenario, communication includes written letters, summaries, and e-mails. Effective oral presentations to the public require evident communication skills. Even day-to-day practices, such as attending meetings and managing interpersonal communication, are essential to achieving the company's short- and long-term goals.
    This course will help you improve these communication skills by exploring the inherent challenges and providing techniques to overcome obstacles.
    You will learn:
    How does communication work and why is it important?
    Barriers, challenges, and frameworks of corporate communication
    Confidential conversation and presentation methods
    Share points of view in a professional environment
    Techniques for writing accurate and professional documents
    So you can interact in a single meeting or a group

    20 Years old and above


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