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    Introduction to Finance Management

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    Class Overview

    Hi! I am Janik; I am a Finance and Business Teacher, I have been teaching for two years. I aim to impact the right business knowledge into anyone interested.
    Financial management is essential for a company's success. Financial information provides evidence to support business decisions and helps to justify such decisions when you submit them to others. If you have an idea for a future business or already have a secondary activity while studying, this class will present you with relevant financial information.
    The following topics will be covered in the class:
    Value and earnings of financial information
    The fundamentals of financial reporting: the forecast of turnover; forecast of profits and losses; and cash forecasts
    Analyze and interpret financial performance
    How to increase profitability
    Sells a product in terms of price and sales number
    Central financial projections: determine the feasibility of a business opportunity
    The business plan: corporate finances

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