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    Project Management

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    Class Overview

    Hi! I am Yoshii; I am a Project Manager with four years of experience. I have created this class to help other Project Managers to learn how to manage their projects effectively.
    In this class, I will teach you the basics of project management and understand the project management techniques needed to complete your projects on time and budget. We will focus on the three most important challenges for project leaders: complete projects on time, manage costs and communicate. You will learn from case studies and practical examples to make your learning experience live.
    In this class:
    I will teach you what project management is all about.
    I will teach how to handle project risks.
    You will learn about Project Information and Communications
    How to close a Project
    We will discuss the contemporary Practice
    This is an essential class for anyone that desires to succeed in project management.
    Develop your understanding of how projects relate to the broader organizational environment
    Explain the roles and roles of a project manager
    Explore the critical aspects of risk management, communication strategies, change management, and project closure methods
    Understanding how and why project leaders must appreciate the international perspective of their projects

    20 Years old and above


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