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    Class Overview

    Trying to find the time to do something is often the hardest part, despite the 24 hours available to everyone. We develop large projects, set new goals and hope to achieve them. But then, we can not find the time. Managing your time effectively is a fundamental skill that makes your personal and professional life much less stressful.
    In this class, I will teach you proper time management techniques, from prioritizing activities to adjusting your mindset so that you can control your time.
    I will begin by introducing you to various methods for managing interruptions and external requests. These methods allow you to have more control over hours and will enable you to plan your time and execute the day much more efficiently.
    I will then teach you how to develop a genuinely useful routine and pace for your workday. This pace helps make time management more frequent and natural, making it a much easier exercise in the long run.
    Thus, the class emphasizes the importance of being in the right frame of mind while you work. This will affect the way you do the tasks and your willingness to start them on time. Therefore, mastering this technique will ensure that fewer activities will be ignored or forgotten. Finally, I will show you how to prioritize your workload and receive suggestions on time management and personal organization that you can test and adapt to the different personal and professional situations of your life.
    If your time is not well managed, your day can be full of requests, distractions, and interruptions. This can be difficult and sometimes a bit overwhelming. Very often, it gives us the impression that we have too much to do. But if your time is managed correctly, the difference is enormous. You can get the same amount (and much more!) With half the stress.
    I enjoy you to book this class now and enjoy the numerous benefits of time management.

    10 Years old and above


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