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    Introduction to Music Theory

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    Class Overview

    The theory of music consists in analyzing the functioning of music - studying the notation and the language of music. In this class, I will introduce you to the music theory; we will look at all you need to discuss melody and harmony. The concepts covered include intervals, major and minor keys, as well as intervals, triads, chords and initial harmonic analysis.
    The course is suitable for teenagers or adults without prior experience in music theory, but a certain familiarity with the reading of standard notation and the practice of an instrument (or singing).
    When you have finished this lesson:
    You will understand where the octaves come from.
    You'll know how to name a particular octave and how to divide an octave into a scale.
    You will know the enharmonic spelling of acute, flat or natural notes. You will be able to determine the pitch of a note, the chromatic scales, the pitches, the ranges and the intervals of tone. You will have an explicit knowledge on how to classify intervals, including perfect, major, minor, augmented and diminished intervals. You'll learn more about ear training and pitch, tuning, headphones, improv, interval recognition, music writing and more.

    10 Years old and above


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