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    Master the Chinese Language

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    Class Overview

    Hello! My name is Turbalio; I am a Language Tutor with five years of experience teaching Spanish, French, and Chinese language.
    Today, a growing number of people are interested in Chinese culture and language. And it is useful to know the language when you come to China for a trip or business. This is a beginners ABC course, which includes an introduction to phonetics and everyday expressions. After taking this course, students can have a basic understanding of Mandarin Chinese and participate in crucial conversations of everyday life, such as exchanging personal information, talking about daily arrangements and food, asking for the price, presenting the city and the climate. , say your hobbies, etc. The themes and situations selected come from actual scenarios and can be used for daily communications. In addition to the dialogues, the choice of reading materials and hands-on activities will make the content as rich and varied as possible, to stimulate the interests of students. This is an elementary course of Chinese language. Students do not need to study Chinese characters, so it is easier to follow and follow this course.

    5 Years old and above

    English, French and Spanish

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