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    Class Overview

    Hello! My name is Lycus, A Computer Programmer and Software Developer.
    In this class, I will be teaching computer programming to people with little or no prior experience. I will make use of the programming system and language called MATLAB to do this because it is easy to learn, versatile and beneficial for engineers and other professionals.
    MATLAB is a unique language that is an excellent choice for writing medium-sized programs that solve number manipulation problems. The language design makes it possible to write a robust program in a few lines. The problems can be quite complex, whereas the MATLAB programs that solve them are relatively simple: relative, that is to say, the equivalent program written in a generic language, such as C ++ or Java. As a result, MATLAB is used in a wide range of fields from the natural sciences to all engineering disciplines, finance and beyond, and is heavily used in the industry. Therefore, a solid MATLAB experience is an essential skill in today's job market.
    These are some of what we will learn from this class:
    How to start MATLAB and familiarize ourselves with its user interface.
    How to solve problems by manipulating matrices and operators.
    How to define matrices, extract pieces.
    How to use operators.
    How different the types of multiplication and division.
    How functions allow us to create reusable software,

    10 Years old and above


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