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    How to Do Well in Job Interviews

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    Class Overview

    Hello! My name is Joe, and I'm a Careers Adviser, I provide advice to help job seekers to become more confident when writing applications or approaching job interviews.
    I have created this class to proffer solutions to the numerous problems job seekers encounter when approaching job interviews and writing applications.
    I will teach you the following:
    1. How to anticipate essential interview questions.
    2. How to deal with nerves during interviews.
    3. How to pinpoint vital details present in a job invitation.
    4. Create a positive first impression
    5. What to wear to the interview.
    6 Utilizing the power in your voice
    7. Brilliant questions to ask the interviewer
    At the end of this class you will be able to:
    - Apply the best practices to allow you to succeed in job interviews for work, internships.
    - Effectively Identify what recruiters are looking for in a job seeker.
    This class is suitable for:
    Anyone applying for jobs. It will be particularly useful for beginners at the initial stage of their careers and those that need to upgrade their skills. No previous knowledge or skills are required.

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