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    Relationship Coaching - You're Not Alone

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    Class Overview

    Why did you choose your present partner? What are the challenges in the early stage of a romantic relationship? What kind of love relationships are there?

    In my class you'll learn about the types of romantic relationships that people around the world engage in (including monogamy and polyamory). You will also learn how people make decisions when they enter into a relationship.
    We will explore the attraction and partner selection stages and look at processes and challenges in the early stages of relationships.
    The types of factors that affect the attraction to certain people and where you can meet partners.
    I will explain the various physical characteristics, take a look at the types of personality, we will go through the many relationship goals and how to achieve them, and then look at the values which you can derive from a relationship.
    You will also learn about the varied types of relationships from around the world, including monogamy, consensual non-monogamy, same-sex and different-sex relationships, friends with benefits, "love" toward arranged marriages and married versus unmarried,
    This course is suitable for anyone older than 18.

    20 Years old and above


    The age limit for this course is 18.

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