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    How To Stay Safe From Danger

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    Class Overview

    Extreme weather conditions have continued to have adverse effects on our environment. Millions of people across the world are prone to various environmental disasters such as an earthquake, Tsunami, flooding, and others; it will be a significant advantage if you learn how to protect yourself and your loved ones in case any of these environmental disasters strike.
    In this class:
    I will teach you all the key actions you can take to reduce the risks associated with environmental disasters.
    I will give a perfect an explanation on how you can create your disaster kits and how to create a family response plan to utilize in the light of any environmental disaster.
    I will give you practical advice on how to prepare and respond to environmental disasters such as Tsunamis, Earthquake, Flooding, and Hurricanes.
    I will suggest and list the various tools you can install in your home to detect environmental disasters.
    I have spend a valuable period of my life working for Redcross and have garnered sufficient experience concerning safety.
    This is the class you can't afford to miss, join me now as we learn about our safety.

    20 Years old and above


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