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    Introduction to C Programming

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    Class Overview

    Hi! My name is Lilia; I am an expert Computer programmer with more than six years of experience in C programming language.
    Computer programmers have the most in-demand career in this present world. Computer programming is a job everyone will like to have but to get started is a significant setback to this dream. Before you can get started, you need to understand the fundamentals.
    Right now, the c programming language is among the most utilized programming languages in the world.
    I have created this class so beginners can learn the basics of this programming language before moving to the core.
    This class will give you all you need for a solid foundation in C programming. I will start with Methods, C functions, Return values and Arguments.
    By the end of this class:
    You will understand how to program in C language.
    You will gain deep insight on how to use argument and return value.
    You will learn how to run a simple c program.
    You will how functions and methods, and routines work.
    This is a class that can offer you a valuable skill that can grant you financial freedom for the rest of your life. Do well to book this class today.

    20 Years old and above

    English and French

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